A Simple Guide on How to Get the Blue Tick of Verification on Facebook and Instagram

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A Simple Guide on How to Get the Blue Tick of Verification on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram’s parent company, Meta, recently revealed the launch of its paid subscription service, Meta Verified, in India.

This new service, which costs Rs 699 for both iOS and Android users, would authenticate accounts using a government ID verification. Users will receive a blue tick mark on their profile after successful verification.

The business also has plans to charge web customers Rs 599 in the near future. According to Meta, you need to sign up for each app separately if you want to use Meta Verified on both Facebook and Instagram.

It’s important to confirm that your account meets the requirements before submitting an application for a verified badge.

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The ‘Verified Subscription‘ service provides an easy method for obtaining Facebook and Instagram verification.Users must be at least 18 years old and possess a government-issued ID card, such as an Aadhar Card or a driver’s license, in order to sign up for the Meta Verified service.

  • STEPS – Visit the settings on the user’s Facebook or Instagram page. Next, choose Accounts Centre and then Meta Verified. (If you qualify, you’ll see Meta Verified listed below your name.)
  • – Make the monthly payment now with your preferred payment method – Next, provide a selfie video and a photo ID from a reputable source for verification.
  • Your account needs to contain a feed post, a bio, and a profile photo. When submitting the verification request, it should be actively used.
  • – Users are unable to change their username or date of birth on their profile once the ID matches the user profile and the account has been validated. It is vital to show that the account has a history of previous postings.
  • – The verified account will display a blue badge or tick next to the Facebook or Instagram profile, indicating that the entire verification procedure was successful and attesting to the trustworthiness of the account.
  • It is essential to remember that the name and photo on the government-issued ID must match those on the Instagram or Facebook account you’re requesting.

You can not change your username or date of birth on your profile once it has been validated without renewing your Meta-validated subscription and application for verification.

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