New feature of WhatsApp Username, No Need Phone number To connect with people

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New feature of WhatsApp Username, No Need Phone number To connect with people

WhatsApp is a messaging platform where we can connect with anyone in the world just by mobile number, but WhatsApp has launched soon a new feature where we can connect only by username, like Instagram. Currently, it is under development but will be available soon

The New feature of WhatsApp Username developing will allow users to communicate with each other without sharing their phone numbers. Users of Android and the web will be able to customize their profiles with usernames for faster connections thanks to an upcoming feature that WA Beta Info has reported.

This creative feature makes sure that a user’s phone number stays private when they choose a username. By enabling unrestricted communication without compromising personal contact information, this additional security layer promotes a safer environment for online communication. Also, individuals have more control over their privacy settings because they have the freedom to change their usernames whenever they want.

However, it’s not the best part of this update. Additionally, WhatsApp is developing a feature that will allow users to find and connect with people just by using these unique usernames. A screenshot that WA Beta Info posted shows how easy it is to identify contacts by just typing their usernames into the search bar—sharing phone numbers is no longer necessary for connection.

This feature should work with the app’s web and mobile editions.

This comes after an earlier report by WA Beta Info about WhatsApp’s attempts to improve the dark theme on the online version.

WhatsApp has not yet provided an official confirmation of this update, but reports suggest that before a wider release, a small number of beta users will test it. Furthermore, WhatsApp is adjusting the sidebar arrangement on its web version in line with the platform’s ongoing efforts to improve privacy and the user experience.

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