Soon, WhatsApp users won’t need the internet to send files or photographs.WhatsApp Offline File Sharing

A new feature that WhatsApp is working on will make it simpler for users to share files with each other even when they are not online. WhatsApp Offline File Sharing According to recent disclosures, the messaging app is developing a feature that would allow users to share documents, films, music, and photographs offline.

According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is actively developing this functionality so that users can share different kinds of files without an internet connection. Additionally, the shared files will be encrypted to make it more difficult for someone to alter or corrupt them.

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The permissions that the app will require to enable this functionality are shown in leaked screenshots from the most recent WhatsApp beta for Android. Locating nearby phones that are compatible with this offline file-sharing feature is a crucial alternative. This is a common system permission on Android that enables applications to use Bluetooth to find nearby devices and share local files. Users will, however, be able to disable this access if they so choose.

In addition to identifying nearby devices, WhatsApp requires authorization to access system files and the phone’s photo gallery. In order to determine whether other devices are close enough to connect with, the app will also need location permission. WhatsApp will encrypt shared data and conceal phone numbers in spite of these permissions to ensure the security of the sharing process.

The operation of this new feature is similar to that of peer-to-peer file-sharing applications such as ShareIT. Users could share files across devices using these apps without requiring a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. Users of WhatsApp frequently share all kinds of documents and media files, so this new function might be a helpful addition to the service.

Although WhatsApp has not yet disclosed the exact launch date for this feature, given that it is currently in beta testing, a quick rollout is anticipated. For WhatsApp users worldwide, file-sharing could become more easy and safe with this new function.

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