Truecaller is now available on the web: Check out the New features

Truecaller, a tool for preventing spam calls, is Truecaller is now available on the web . This implies that you may now check an unknown number directly from your computer screen and are no longer limited to depending just on the app. In addition, users may access a number of useful functions, such text messaging and real-time notifications, straight from their web browser.

Explore all the things you can do right from the comfort of your computer screen:

You can read and reply to all of your conversations and text messages right from your computer now, saving you the trouble of continually switching between devices. You can browse your business communications, SMS inbox, and Truecaller Chat messages with Truecaller for Web, all of which are arranged neatly in an easy-to-read interface.

Using your computer keyboard allows you to type messages more quickly and accurately. Additionally, Truecaller’s Urgent communications feature allows you to designate communications as urgent so that critical messages are seen right away. You can attach numerous files, each up to 100 MB in size.

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Get real-time alerts about incoming calls and messages on your computer screen, eliminating the need to continually check your phone. This function makes sure that even when using your computer, you stay informed and connected.

Truecaller for Web protects your communication by keeping an encrypted connection open between your web browser and phone. Users may easily link their gadgets thanks to the quick and easy setup process.

Truecaller’s Chief Product Officer and Managing Director for India, Rishit Jhunjhunwala, highlights how crucial Truecaller for Web is to improving communication. He gives users peace of mind by saying that Truecaller is still dedicated to upholding security and privacy, with encrypted connections and no access to message content.

How to Get Started

By touching the Messages tab in the Truecaller app, choosing Messaging for Web, and following the on-screen directions, Android users can enable Truecaller for Web. As an alternative, customers can easily link their devices by going to

With its easy-to-access messages, real-time notifications, and improved messaging features, Truecaller for Web provides a practical alternative for handling your communication demands. Truecaller for Web improves communication while maintaining accessibility and safety for all users with its user-friendly and secure interface.

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