Finally! WhatsApp Search by Date” Arrives on Android!” find message Search by Date

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Finally! WhatsApp's "Search by Date" Arrives on Android!".

Good news for WhatsApp users who frequently need to search through chats for a specific message: the app is now rolling out the “search by date” function, which allows users to check for messages and media files on Android devices by a given date.

Importantly, this capability has been accessible on other platforms—iOS, Mac, and even WhatsApp Web—where WhatsApp is available.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, made the announcement on his WhatsApp channel. “When you discover you have the ideal response in an old chat,” he remarked, showcasing an old Karaoke video. He continued, “Much because of WhatsApp’s new search by date feature.”

It is essential to note that you cannot use this tool to search for a chat within a specified period range. Instead, you can only use it to search for a chat on a given date.
Using the ‘Search by Date’ feature: A Guide

Are you ready to try it out? Here’s how WhatsApp searches by Date:

  • On your Android device, launch WhatsApp.
  • Next, locate the group or personal chat in which you wish to check for a certain message.
  • Check the profile section for the search option.
  • A calendar icon will now appear. Give it a tap.
  • To look for a message, you can select a certain date here.

That is all. You should now be able to view any message you sent on that date, which will save you time and effort as you go through a ton of messages.

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