WhatsApp users to search for others using their usernames

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WhatsApp Users Soon Able to Search for Contacts by Username

To enhance user privacy and connectivity, WhatsApp is reportedly planning to introduce a new search bar feature that will allow users to search for others using their usernames. This upcoming update, shared in a screenshot by WABetaInfo, aims to streamline the process of connecting with friends and contacts while eliminating the need to share personal phone numbers.

The introduction of the search bar’s username search capability provides users with the option to configure a username, offering a level of anonymity for those who prefer not to disclose their phone numbers. This move is expected to be particularly advantageous for individuals who prioritize privacy and wish to have more control over their personal information.

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It is worth noting that the configuration of a username is entirely optional, giving users the flexibility to decide whether they want to take advantage of this new functionality. Users will have complete control over this feature, with the ability to add, remove, or change their username at any time. This level of flexibility ensures that users can tailor their privacy settings to align with their preferences and needs.

Although the search bar’s username search capability is still in development, it is anticipated to be rolled out in a future update of the WhatsApp application. At present, it remains unknown whether the feature will be released for both Android and iOS platforms.

In a related development, WhatsApp recently introduced a new security measure in the form of a secret code feature. This feature allows users to set a unique password, separate from their phone unlock code, to provide an additional layer of privacy for their locked chats.

Meta Founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced the rollout of the secret code for Chat Lock on WhatsApp, emphasizing that users can now ensure that their most private conversations only appear when the secret code is entered in the search bar. This new feature adds an additional safeguard against unintentional discovery, further enhancing user privacy.

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