WhatsApp Voice Chat-Changing Voice Chat Feature for Large Groups – Your Guide on What It Is and How to Use It

WhatsApp has recently introduced a revolutionary Whatsapp voice chat feature that allows users to engage in live conversations with large groups in a more seamless and less disruptive manner. This new feature sets itself apart from voice calls and voice notes by eliminating the need to individually ring each group member when a voice chat is initiated. Instead, users will receive a silent notification and can choose to join the voice chat at their convenience.

According to WhatsApp, this new voice chat feature aims to minimize disruptions for individuals who are busy or prefer not to be disturbed. Moreover, it facilitates easy entry and exit from conversations as needed. For instance, if someone is in a meeting but needs to step away momentarily, they can simply tap the chat bubble to leave the voice chat. When they are ready to rejoin, they can tap the chat bubble again. Similar to the voice chat feature in Discord, WhatsApp allows users to join and leave the conversation at any time. The call controls are conveniently located at the top of the group chat, enabling users to continue messaging while the voice chat is in progress.

How to Join a WhatsApp Voice Chat Group

To initiate a voice chat on WhatsApp:

  1. Open the group chat where you wish to start the voice chat.
  2. Tap the phone icon located in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Select “Start Voice Chat.”

Group members will receive a push notification inviting them to join the voice chat. You can keep track of who has joined the voice chat through the banner displayed at the bottom of the screen. To leave a voice chat, simply tap the red cross button.

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WhatsApp emphasizes that the new voice chat feature supports multitasking, allowing users to control the call and send text messages simultaneously. These voice chats are also end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that only the participants can access and hear the conversation.

It is important to note that WhatsApp will gradually roll out voice chats for groups with 33 to 128 participants on iOS and Android devices over the next few weeks. Initially, groups with fewer than 33 members will not have access to this feature, as they can utilize WhatsApp’s existing group voice call functionality. Furthermore, the voice chat feature is only available on your primary device, and group members who are not part of the voice chat can view the profiles of those who are in the chat from the chat header and the Calls tab. Voice chats will automatically end once all participants have left the chat or if no one joins the first or last person in the chat within 60 minutes.

WhatsApp‘s introduction of the voice chat feature for large groups revolutionizes the way users can engage in conversations, offering a more convenient and flexible communication experience. Whether it’s for work, socializing, or organizing events, this new feature enhances the functionality of WhatsApp groups and provides users with a seamless platform for live discussions.

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