WhatsApp Announces New Business-Specific Features, Including Meta Verified, Flows, and Simple Payments

During the WhatsApp Conversations event, WhatsApp introduced a number of new features aimed at businesses, including Flows, simpler purchasing, and Meta Verified for Businesses.

The Growing Emphasis on WhatsApp’s Business Side: One Billion Weekly User-Business Interactions

According to WhatsApp, one billion users message businesses each week via Instagram Direct, Messenger, and WhatsApp. This is one of the reasons why there is an increasing focus on building the platform’s business side, whether it be for contacting firms, perusing product catalogs, getting support, or engaging with stories.

Flows: WhatsApp is launching Flows, a tool that lets companies design interactive, narrated experiences for their clients’ clients. These flows can serve a number of functions, such as assisting consumers with the reservation process, presenting product recommendations based on their individual needs, and technical support. Customer comes across will be more enjoyable and seamless thanks to flows.

Easy Purchases: WhatsApp is simplifying the process for users to buy things inside the app. Customers can browse and purchase things without leaving a chat by setting up businesses’ product catalogues on WhatsApp. This simplifies the purchasing procedure and improves the shopping experience as a whole.

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Meta Verified for Businesses: WhatsApp is introducing Meta Verified for Businesses as a new member of the Meta family. By assisting users in recognizing legitimate companies, this verification mark lowers the possibility of dealing with bogus accounts. It gives the platform an additional degree of legitimacy and trust, enabling consumers to interact with reputable companies with confidence.

An increasing focus on business: WhatsApp recowgnises the large number of user-business interactions taking place across its platforms—WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram Direct. This expanding tendency emphasises how crucial it is to improve the platform’s commercial aspects in order to satisfy customer aspirations for smooth support, communication, and purchasing experiences.

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