What kind of earnings are possible on YouTube?

How much actual revenue can your YouTube channel generate? In theory, a great deal.

While accurate data on the income of well-known Indian YouTubers is difficult to come across

I think we can all agree that these are staggering numbers. While it’s true that none of the aforementioned YouTubers are typical, it’s also true that, with the appropriate strategy, anyone can succeed in making money on YouTube.

How do you comprehend your primary audience?

Do you really need thousands or millions of viewers and subscribers to generate any money?

Fortunately, you don’t! The first crucial thing you should know is that even tiny and mid-sized YouTube channels are regularly monetized. Your earning potential is influenced by a variety of factors, including the level of engagement you create, the niche you target, and the other revenue streams you consider, in addition to the number of viewers and subscribers you have.

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If you don’t already have a YouTube channel, you should probably do some research on the demographics of popular channels in the market you want to target in order to better tailor your material to that audience. It turns out, though, that thorough demographic information for other people’s YouTube channels is not that simple to find.

Through tools like Social Blade, you can definitely get a sense of the phrases and content that resonate with the viewers in your niche.

How to Create a YouTube Channel: Steps by Step

Utilising your Google account to set up a YouTube channel
You may view, share, and comment on YouTube material if you have a Google account. However, YouTube channels are not automatically created by Google accounts. But setting up a new channel is an easy and quick procedure.

  • Sign up for a YouTube account.
    Visit YouTube.com and select “sign in” from the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen:
  • Then sign in with the Google account you want to be connected to your channel:
  • Visit the YouTube settings page.
    Click on your profile symbol in the top right corner of the screen, and then select “Create a channel.”
  • where to find the “create channel” link on YouTube
  • Make your own channel.

The next step is to choose whether to create a personal channel or one under a different name, such as a business. We’ll select the “Use custom name” option for this illustration because it’s advised for startups and brands:

You can choose to use your name or a custom name when creating a YouTube channel.
You’ll then give your channel a name.

the process of naming your YouTube channel
A new Google account with its own preferences and YouTube history will also be created when you create a new channel name, as you can see from the options at this stage. This account is integrated into your primary Google account and is completely controllable through Google settings. You can utilise this new account to like and share things, so it’s extremely helpful.

You’ll have the opportunity to further tailor your channel after this step. Options are available for:
  • Adding a profile photo
  • Adding a channel description
  • Adding links to your websites, such as personalized links to a website or blog or social media links to Twitter or Instagram
  • Additional YouTube channel settings, including your profile image, description, and links
  • Congratulations! You recently launched a brand-new YouTube channel.
How to make money from YouTube channel.
  • 1 Create and develop a YouTube channel. Your YouTube channel serves as your online identity. One channel is connected to each YouTube account. Since a YouTube account is identical to a Google account, opening one will provide you access to other Google services like Gmail and Drive.
  • 2 Add material. Make an effort to upload short, high-quality content. Additionally, strive to upload frequently and consistently (this option may change based on the type of content you choose to upload).
  • 3 Gain popularity. The key to boosting your monetization is audience building. To earn money from your advertisements, you must get viewers. There is no one secret to increasing your subscriber count; simply create the best content you can, and people will find you.
  • 4 Generate income from your videos. You need to enable monetization in order to start making money from your videos. By doing this, you consent to YouTube inserting advertising into your video. Additionally, this implies that you accept the absence of any copyrighted content in your film.
  • 5 Analyze the requirements. To begin making money, you must have at least 4,000 watch hours over the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.
  • 6 Google AdSense setup On the AdSense website, you may set up Google AdSense for free. To start setting up your account, click the Sign Up Now button. For you to create your own account, you must be at least 18 years old.

Become YouTube as a partner. Members of YouTube who have made money off of popular videos are called partners. Partners have access to more tools for creating content and have the chance to win rewards based on how many viewers they attract. Partner also have far more access to advice and community support.

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