How to Tag Someone on Facebook Reel After Posting – Bugs

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How to Tag Someone on Facebook Reel After Posting - Bugs

Facebook Reels are now one of the most widely used features on the social media platform, having been introduced in 2021. As shorts gain popularity, more and more people are experimenting with this type of material. Like any new function, there may be some uncertainty and queries regarding the best way to use it. We’ll be concentrating on tagging in this blog article, which is a crucial component of Facebook Reels. We’ll talk about how to tag someone on Facebook reels, if you can tag someone after they’ve posted a reel, and other relevant topics about reels and tagging.

On Facebook Reels, tagging someone is a fantastic way to work with other people or give recognition to the original creator. When you tag someone in your reel, the spectator can access their profile by tapping on the username that appears on the video. This improves your reel’s discoverability and general engagement, in addition to helping to promote the tagged user.

How to tag someone on Facebook Reels

To tag someone on Facebook Reels, you need to follow a few simple steps

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile device and navigate to the Reels section.
  • Next, create a new reel or select an existing one from your gallery.
  • Once you have your reel ready, tap on the “Tag People” option,
  • which is usually located below the caption or editing options.
  • Once you press “Tag People,” a search window will appear for the person you wish to tag.
  • You can use Facebook’s search box to look up their name or enter their username.
  • To tag a user in your reel when you’ve located the right one, touch on their profile.
  • Multiple users can be tagged in a single reel, which facilitates group projects and collaboration.

It’s important to remember that you can only tag people who have public profiles or who have a Facebook account and are on your friends list. It’s possible that the person you want to tag has disabled tagging on their account or has restricted their privacy settings if they don’t show up in the search results.

if you’ve already posted a reel and forgot to tag someone? How to Tag

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What happens if you finish a reel already and realize you didn’t tag anyone? You can add tags after posting, so don’t worry.

  • To edit a reel, just navigate to it, hit the three-dot menu symbol, and choose “Edit Reel.
  • ” From there, you can tag the relevant user by following the previously outlined methods.
  • The tagged person will be informed that they have been added to your reel when you save the edits when you’re done.

Changing Visibility Settings In Facebook Reels

A posted reel’s visibility settings can be changed but its content and tags cannot be changed. It means you have the ability to manage who views your reel. You have the option of making your reel public to all of your friends, private to just a select group of friends, or private to a select few friends.
When you share a reel on Facebook, your friends can see it by default. Nevertheless, you can alter the visibility settings by doing the following actions:

  1. Open the Facebook app or go to the Facebook website on your desktop.
  2. Navigate to your reel by clicking on your profile or the “Reels” tab.
  3. Find the reel you want to change the visibility settings for.
  4. Click on the three dots (…) or the “Edit” button (if available) on the reel.
  5. Select the “Edit Privacy” option.
  6. Choose the desired visibility settings for your reel.
  7. Click “Save” to apply the changes.

It’s important to note that changing the visibility settings of a reel will not allow you to add or remove tags. It only affects who can see the reel.

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