Instagram and Messenger Apps to Discontinue Cross-Communication Soon

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Chat Divergence Alert: Instagram and Messenger Apps to Discontinue Cross-Communication Soon

Three years after Meta, then Facebook, proudly announced a chat integration that allowed users to send messages to their Facebook contacts and Instagram friends through the same Messenger, it has decided to reverse the course. Meta has announced in its latest support page that it will no longer support cross-app chatting between Messenger and Instagram starting “mid-December 2023”.

For the uninitiated, since 2020, Meta allows users of Facebook and Instagram to use Messenger or Instagram DMs to message their friends on either of the platforms. Instagram users can message or call their Facebook friends directly from their Instagram DMs, and they can use Messenger to call or message their Instagram friends. All they need to do to enable this feature is to enable the feature from Instagram or Messenger settings.

With the discontinuation of the integration, users will no longer be able to start a new conversation or call their Facebook friends from Instagram. The existing chats with their Facebook friends that were done via Instagram will turn into read-only chats. This means, they will be able to read these chats post the disintegration, but won’t be able to send messages anymore.

Of course, once the cross-app chatting is removed, your friends on Facebook will no longer be able to see if you are active on chat or if you have seen a message. Additionally, the support page also states that any chats users have previously had with their Facebook friends via Instagram will not transfer to their Messenger inbox.

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Meta has not given a particular reason behind discontinuing the integration. However, considering that in order to comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act, WhatsApp is already working on third-party chats, it is possible that the move to discontinue cross-app chatting between Instagram and Messenger is due to that as well. If you are unaware of the EU’s Digital Markets Act, it mandates that large companies provide interoperability among messaging platforms.

This change may come as a disappointment to many users who have enjoyed the convenience of chatting seamlessly across Facebook and Instagram. Being able to communicate with friends and family on different platforms through a single messaging app has made staying connected easier than ever before.

However, it’s important to remember that technology is constantly evolving, and companies like Meta are constantly reassessing their features and offerings to provide the best possible user experience. While the discontinuation of cross-app chatting may be inconvenient for some, it’s likely that Meta has made this decision with the intention of improving the overall user experience.

As we approach mid-December 2023, it’s a good idea to start preparing for this change. If you frequently chat with your Facebook friends through Instagram, you may want to consider alternative methods of communication to ensure that you can stay in touch with them seamlessly. This could include exchanging phone numbers or using other messaging apps that support cross-platform communication.

Change can be unsettling, but it also presents an opportunity for growth and adaptation. As we bid farewell to the cross-app chatting feature between Instagram and Messenger, let’s embrace the new possibilities that await us in the ever-evolving world of technology.

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