Best speakers under ₹2000: Top 10 picks for party season

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These speakers understand the requirement for excellent audio without going over budget and serve a wide range of listeners. The top speakers below Rs.10000 price range achieve a careful balance, making it affordable for casual listeners, home theatre enthusiasts, and music lovers. With these carefully chosen solutions beyond price, finding the ideal sound becomes feasible.

These speakers stand out for their dedication to providing a great audio experience. These speakers redefine what is possible in this price range, with deep, powerful bass reverberating around the room and sharp highs glistening like crystal. A symphony of sound joy is created when cutting-edge technology, creative design, and precise engineering come together.

These premium speakers within budget cater to various purposes, whether you are a cinephile looking to reproduce the cinematic experience at home, a music lover with an ear for minute details, or just someone who enjoys excellent music. They are the epitome of dedication to quality, making certain that every rhythm, note, and conversation is captured with unmatched clarity and precision.

Additionally, these best mid-high-range speakers frequently have networking options built in, which improves their usefulness in contemporary entertainment sets. These speakers provide versatility to meet your unique needs, whether you choose a connected connection for a classic stereo setup or a wireless alternative for a clutter-free setting. Features like Bluetooth connectivity, many input possibilities, and user-friendly settings further enhance the general accessibility and simplicity of these audio solutions.

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1. JBL Go2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with mic

With a built-in microphone, the JBL Go 2 is a little powerhouse and the best speaker under Rs.2000 that provides a wireless and portable Bluetooth speaker experience. It is made for music lovers who are always on the go and offers JBL’s renowned sound quality in a stylish, portable package. Vibrant colour options let you add a unique touch, and the IPX7 waterproof grade guarantees endurance in a range of conditions. An additional input for AUX connections adds flexibility for wired connections. The JBL GO 2 offers an immersive audio experience in a portable form, combining style, functionality, and dependability for listening to music by the pool or making hands-free phone calls.

Specifications of JBL Go2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with mic:

Brand: JBL

Model Name: GO2

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Special feature: Built-in microphone, lightweight and portable

Playtime: 5 hours playtime

Other features: Noise cancelling

Item dimension: 8.6×3.2×7.1cms

Price: Rs. 1799

Pros Cons
Portable Charging could be longer

2. JBL GO2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker

The best speaker under 2000 is JBL Go 2, the ideal travelling companion for music lovers. In addition to having the well-known JBL Signature Sound, this wireless portable Bluetooth speaker also comes in a stylish blue colour to uplift your ensemble. An IPX7 waterproof certification and a versatile design make it resistant to water splashes. Thanks to the integrated microphone, you can easily answer phone calls while on the go. It’s a stylish and practical alternative because of its small size and range of vivid colours. Furthermore, the AUX input offers wired connections versatility. With the JBL Go 2, which is high-performance affordable audio, you can enjoy better sound quality in a splash-proof compact that combines mobility and strong sound.

Specifications of JBL GO2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker:

Brand: JBL

Model Name: JBL GO2BLU

Connectivity technology: Bluetooth

Special feature: Built-in microphone

Playtime: 5 hours

Waterproof: IPX7 design

Product dimension: 8.6×3.16×7.12cms

Compatible devices: Audio player, laptop, mobile, tablet

Price: Rs.1999

Pros Cons
Audio Player Charging could be longer

3. boAt Stone 180 5W Bluetooth speaker

A 5W Bluetooth speaker is the best speaker under 2000, and that redefines the pinnacle of portable music quality is the boAt Stone 180. Thanks to its powerful 1.75-inch driver, it produces clear, rich sound. This portable speaker offers continuous enjoyment for up to 10 hours on a single charge. Because its IPX7 designation makes it water-resistant, you may listen to music in demanding conditions. Your listening pleasure is improved with the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology, which makes it possible to link two speakers for stereo sound. For those who want quality, superior sound under Rs10,000, durability, and style, the boAt Stone 180 is the perfect option.

Specifications of boAt Stone 180 5W Bluetooth speaker:

Brand: Boat

Model name: Stone 180

Speaker type: outdoor

Connectivity: Bluetooth, auxiliary, Bluetooth

Special feature: wireless, portable

Price: Rs.1299

Pros Cons
IPX7 dust and shock shield The battery could be better.
Dual connectivity  

4. boAt Stone 135 Portable Wireless Speaker

Immerse yourself in a rich auditory experience with the best speaker under 2000. Rich audio is delivered by this 5W RMS powerhouse, guaranteeing an engrossing listening experience. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor usage, thanks to its IPX4 water resistance. Savour the ease of use of the True Wireless feature for stereo audio and connect with ease in a variety of ways. The boAt Stone 135 keeps the party rolling with an impressive 11 hours of playing overall. It gives your audio setup a sophisticated touch with its Active Black appearance. This speaker is ideal for fashion and utility as it offers flexible Type C charging for staying connected.

Specifications of boAt Stone 135 Portable Wireless Speaker:

Brand: boAt

Model name: Stone 135

Speaker type: Wireless, portable

Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, wireless

Special feature: Radio, built-in microphone

Water resistant: IPX4

Price: Rs.999

Pros Cons
IPX4 water resistant The speaker could be more powerful.
11hour total playtime  

5. ZEBRONICS Zeb-Astra 20 Wireless Portable Speaker

The best speaker under 2000 is Zebronics Zeb-Astra 20 Wireless Portable Speaker, and you can enjoy stunning audio quality. It produces rich sound quality thanks to its two 52mm speakers and strong 10W RMS output. For a stereo experience, two speakers may be paired using the True Wireless Stereo function. The 10-hour backup battery life of this speaker guarantees continuous enjoyment. Take advantage of flexible connectivity choices, including USB, mSD, AUX, and FM radio. The call feature enhances hands-free ease and the integrated rechargeable battery guarantees mobility. Power, usefulness, and style are all combined by the Zebronics Zeb Astra 20 to provide a comprehensive audio experience.

Specifications of ZEBRONICS Zeb-Astra 20 Wireless Portable Speaker:

Brand: Zebronics

Model name: Zeb-Astra 20

Speaker type: Bluetooth speaker

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, auxiliary, USB

Special feature: USB port

Price: Rs.899

Pros Cons
Bass boost It could have better sound quality.
Dual passive radiator  

6. boAt Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker

Take a musical journey with the boAt Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker, the best speaker under Rs.2000 unlocked. The powerful 12W RMS stereo sound enhances your listening pleasure. Enjoy ten hours of fun that will keep you entertained all day. For a surround sound experience, the True Wireless Stereo (TWS) function enables smooth pairing. Its IPX4 certification and versatile design make it resistant to spills and messes. The striking red colour gives its tough exterior a fashionable touch. Accept many devices compatibility and savour the ease of trouble-free networking. Your go-to option for strong, transportable, and fashionable music that fits your active lifestyle is the boAt Stone 620.

Specifications of boAt Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker:

Brand: boAt

Model name: boAt stone 620

Speaker type: Speaker

Connectivity technology: Bluetooth, auxiliary

Special feature: Long battery life

Price: Rs.1999

Pros Cons
Built-in microphone It could have better battery backup

7. pTron Fusion Party v2 40W Bluetooth

The pTron Fusion Party v2, a 40W Bluetooth karaoke speaker that transforms every get-together into a musical spectacular, will elevate your events. This speaker produces a robust 40W output with its two drivers, guaranteeing vivid sound quality. The vivid RGB lights create a festive atmosphere, and a 3M connected microphone adds a karaoke aspect. Use the many playback possibilities the USB/SD card ports provide and the Auto TWS feature for hassle-free TWS pairing. Sleek and black, with a remote control for ease, it’s a sophisticated addition. Turn your gatherings into spectacular parties with the pTron Fusion Party v2 speaker. The party mode is boosted with RGB LED lights.

Specifications of pTron Fusion Party v2 40W Bluetooth:

Brand: pTron

Connectivity technology: USB

Colour: Black

Compatible devices: Laptop, desktop, tablet

Colour: Black

Mounting type: Floor standing

Speakers: 4″x2 dynamic speaker

Bluetooth: v5.0

Price: Rs.1699

Pros Cons
Built-in microphone It could have better battery backup

8. Portronics Resound 21 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Portronics Resound 2, a 15W HD Sound Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, is the best speaker under Rs.2000 and offers excellent audio quality. Its integrated microphone for hands-free calling enhances its rich sound quality. RGB lights enhance the visual appeal of your music while producing a lively visual experience. TWS connection is available on the speaker for surround sound configuration. Bluetooth v5.3 guarantees dependable and quick connections. It is IPX5 water-resistant and intended for on-the-go use. A Type C charging connector guarantees rapid and easy charging. The Portronics Resound 2 is an exceptional option because of its elegant Black appearance, which lends a touch of sophistication to this feature-rich and adaptable portable speaker.

Specifications of Portronics Resound 21 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker:

Brand: Portronics

Model name: Resound 2

Speaker type: Outdoor

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth

Special feature: 15W HD Sound, Handsfree Calling

Design: Premium fabric design

Bluetooth: 5.3v

Price: Rs.1939

Pros Cons
Built-in microphone It could have a better battery backup.

9. boAt Stone 650 10W Bluetooth Speaker

The 10W Bluetooth speaker, boAt Stone 650, is the best speaker under 2000. You can fully immerse yourself in strong audio. It is meant to produce dynamic sound experiences. A maximum playback duration of 7 hours guarantees continuous music enjoyment while on the move. It is water-resistant and suitable for various conditions thanks to its IPX5 rating. The stunning blue colour gives its sturdy design a dynamic touch, and its integrated controls provide easy navigation. This speaker is a trustworthy friend whether you’re indoors or outside. With its strong performance, mobility, and elegant design, the boAt Stone 650 will elevate your audio experience and provide an engaging sound solution.

Specifications of boAt Stone 650 10W Bluetooth Speaker:

Brand: boAt

Model name: Stone

Connectivity technology: Bluetooth

Special feature: Subwoofer

Recommended for: Music

Water resistant: IPX5 rated

Price: Rs. 1999

Pros Cons
Integrated control It could have a better volume control option.
Dual connectivity  

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10. Instaplay blast200 Bluetooth 2.1 Channel

Discover the best speaker under 2000 with bluetooth 2.1 channel stereo multimedia speaker—a formidable instrument for rich, immersive sound. These wired desktop speakers that run on USB provide amazing sound quality, focusing on deep bass for a satisfying listening experience. These speakers fit in perfectly with your entertainment setup thanks to their many connecting choices, which include Bluetooth capability. Your desktop gains a refined touch from the elegant black design. The dynamic audio performance is guaranteed with the Instaplay blast200, whether you’re gaming, streaming, or just listening to music. These speakers will raise the bar for desktop audio solutions by fusing design, functionality, and strong sound to enhance your entertainment experience.

Specifications of Instaplay blast200 Bluetooth 2.1 Channel:

Brand: Instaplay

Model: Blast 200

Speaker type: Multimedia

Special feature: Bass boost

Speaker: wired

Compatibility: Multidevice compatible

Design: Lightweight and compact

Price: Rs.999

Pros Cons
3.5mm Aux audio output It could be wireless
Portable wired speaker  

Top 3 features for you

Product Feature 1 Feature 2 Feature 3
JBL Go2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker with mic Built-in noise cancelling Wirelessly stream high-quality Bluetooth
JBL GO2 wireless portable Bluetooth speaker Noise cancelling 5 H playtime
boAt Stone 180 5W Bluetooth speaker Instant wireless connectivity IPX7-rated protection against sweat and water Bluetooth v5.0
boAt Stone 135 Portable Wireless Speaker Multimedia connectivity True wireless feature 11H playtime
ZEBRONICS Zeb-Astra 20 Wireless Portable Speaker Portable speaker Dual 52mm drivers 10H backup
boAt Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker: IPX4 water and dust protected Bluetooth and Aux connectivity
pTron Fusion Party v2 40W Bluetooth Bluetooth v5.0 RGB LED lights
Portronics Resound 21 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Handsfree calling 15watt HD
boAt Stone 650 10W Bluetooth Speaker IPX5 protection against dust and water Bluetooth v5.0 100mAh battery
Instaplay blast200 Bluetooth 2.1 Channel Wired speakers Extra bass

Best overall product

Compared to other products in its category, the boAt Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker is the best speaker under Rs. 2000 due to its outstanding acoustic capabilities. Impressively, the sound quality of this little and sturdy speaker is commensurate with its size. Effortlessly immerse yourself in a room’s rich, immersive sounds with its strong 10W stereo sound output.

The boAt Stone 620 is perfect for outdoor adventures thanks to its multipurpose design. It’s lightweight, durable, and resistant to water and shock. Its long-lasting construction makes it weatherproof and ideal for a wide range of settings. The speaker’s dependable Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity lets it link with various devices quickly and keeps the connection stable so you can listen without interruption.

With its long-lasting battery, the boAt Stone 620 guarantees prolonged playing on a single charge, making it even more convenient for usage on the road. Additionally, it is designed to be user-friendly, with straightforward controls and a built-in microphone for hands-free calling. The boAt Stone 620 Bluetooth Speaker is hard to beat regarding durable and adaptable music companions. It combines durability, mobility, and great sound quality correctly.

Best value for money

The boAt Stone 135 Portable Wireless Speaker is the epitome of cost-effectiveness, seamlessly blending price with a remarkable array of features and exceptional performance. In other words, the best value for the product, featuring a 5W dynamic stereo sound output, this little speaker provides a very immersive and distinct audio experience, making it an ideal option for cost-conscious users who prioritise quality and are unwilling to make concessions.

One of its main advantages is its high-performance, affordable audio and the capacity to be easily carried or transported. The boAt Stone 135 is lightweight and small, ensuring convenient portability and an ideal accompaniment for outdoor pursuits, picnics, or journeys. Despite its compact dimensions, this device can deliver a harmonious audio experience with rich low-frequency tones suitable for diverse musical genres.

This wireless speaker also radiates in connection, using Bluetooth 4.2 technology for effortless pairing with various devices. The incorporation of an auxiliary input offers supplementary versatility for linking non-Bluetooth devices. The integrated microphone of the speaker enables comfortable hands-free calling, enhancing its practical utility.

The boAt Stone 135 is notable for its sturdy construction, which includes an IPX5 water-resistant certification, rendering it impervious to splashes and light rainfall. The durability of this product guarantees long-lasting performance and dependability, making it a valuable investment for anyone with a dynamic lifestyle.

Ultimately, the boAt Stone 135 Portable Wireless Speaker offers a compelling combination of cost-effectiveness, mobility, and exceptional sound quality, establishing itself as the most advantageous choice within its respective class. Boasting a variety of functions commonly seen in more expensive models, this wireless speaker is an affordable and dependable option for anyone in need of a cost-effective audio solution.

How do you find the best speaker under 10000?

To choose the optimal speaker within a budget of 2000, one must meticulously evaluate several criteria to achieve a harmonious equilibrium between cost and functionality. Presented below is a comprehensive resource to assist you in making a well-informed decision:

Sound Quality: Begin by evaluating the auditory characteristics. Seek choose speakers that provide crisp and well-balanced sound. Ensure the presence of attributes such as stereo sound, profound bass, and overall precise audio reproduction. Consulting user evaluations and professional perspectives might offer valuable insights regarding sound performance.

Power Output: Consider the speaker’s power output, usually quantified in watts (W). A greater wattage often signifies a louder and more powerful sound. Ensure it corresponds to your desired use for individual listening or collective meetings.

Connectivity choices: Please verify the available connectivity choices. Bluetooth-enabled speakers provide wireless ease, enabling you to establish connections with your devices without the inconvenience of cords. Moreover, an AUX input offers versatility for establishing wired connections.

Battery Life: When considering a portable speaker, evaluate its battery life. Having a longer battery life allows for prolonged usage without the need for frequent recharging. Seek speakers with a minimum playback duration of 6-8 hours on a single charge.

Durability and build quality: When evaluating a speaker, it is important to assess its build quality and durability, particularly if you want to use it outside. Water-resistant or waterproof capabilities, as indicated by IPX ratings, are essential for safeguarding the speaker against splashes or rain.

Brand Reputation: Choose speakers from renowned companies recognised for their exceptional audio performance and dependability. Conduct a thorough analysis of customer evaluations and expert comments to assess the overall satisfaction level with the brand and the specific type of speaker.


Question : What features should I prioritize when looking for the best speakers under Rs. 2000?

Ans : When searching for budget-friendly speakers, prioritize sound quality, connectivity options, and durability. Look for speakers with clear audio, sufficient power output, Bluetooth connectivity, and a solid build to ensure a well-rounded performance.

Question : Can I find portable speakers under Rs.2000 with good battery life?

Ans : Many portable speakers within the Rs. 2000 price range offer decent battery life. Look for models with at least 6-8 hours of playback on a single charge for on-the-go use without frequent recharging.

Question : Are there waterproof speakers under 200 suitable for outdoor use?

Ans : You can find speakers with water-resistant or waterproof features within the 200 budget. Check the IPX rating to ensure the speaker can withstand exposure to water or moisture, making it suitable for outdoor activities or use in damp conditions.

Question : How can I ensure the best value for money in this price range?

Ans : Focus on renowned brands known for quality audio products to ensure the best value for money. Consider speakers with a good balance of features, such as clear sound, durable build, and versatile connectivity options, to meet your specific needs.

Question : Do budget speakers sacrifice audio quality?

Ans : While budget speakers may not offer the same premium features as higher-end models, many still provide impressive audio quality within the 200 range. Research user reviews and expert opinions to identify speakers that balance affordability and performance well.

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