How to Make an Extra $1,000 a Month with This Low Maintenance Side Hustle | Entrepreneur


Since Justin Cambra quit his job in the real estate department at Amazon a little over a year ago, he’s been a man of many pursuits. The way he sees it, “In today’s world, stability is from multiple sources of income. I’m trying to generate as many revenue streams as possible.”

That’s why, when he was at a conference in Detroit this past January and a friend told him about his latest side hustle, Cambra said, “Oh my God, this is a no-brainer. I’m doing this ASAP. I downloaded the app on my way to the airport, and two weeks later, I got my first booking.”

Cambra lives in Seattle, and as with many cities, there’s a shortage of free and accessible parking. This is especially true if you need a longer term spot, for a couple weeks or months. That scarcity was the impetus for Neighbor, a company that lets people rent out available spaces on their properties — basements, attics, garages, parking spots — to store personal items or vehicles.


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