Boost Your Security: Indians Lead in Password Usage – Strengthen Your Passwords Now

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Boost Your Security: Indians Lead in Password Usage – Strengthen Your Passwords Now


In 2023, cybersecurity became a major concern both in India and globally, with weak passwords being identified as a significant vulnerability. A survey conducted by NordPass revealed some alarming trends in password usage, indicating that many users are not taking the necessary steps to protect their online accounts.

The Problem of Weak Passwords

The survey found that “123456” continues to be the most popular password worldwide, and this trend is no different in India. It is surprising to see that users are still opting for weak passwords, especially for their streaming accounts. Additionally, people often choose passwords that are related to specific places, such as “India@123.” The use of common choices like “admin” further highlights the lack of awareness and efforts to enhance password security.

The Risks of Guessable Passwords

Despite the serious threat of cyberattacks, many users still rely on easily guessable passwords like “password,” “Pass@123,” and “Password@123.” This negligence puts their accounts at a significant risk. Cybercriminals can exploit this vulnerability and gain unauthorized access to sensitive information. It is crucial for users to understand the importance of stronger password security and take immediate action to protect themselves.

The Importance of Addressing Cybersecurity Issues

Tomas Smalakys, the CTO of NordPass, emphasizes the urgent need to address these cybersecurity issues. He highlights the fact that victims often remain unaware when their devices are infected with malware, which is commonly hidden in clever phishing emails. The study’s findings clearly indicate the pressing need for better password security to combat the increasing risks in the online world.

The survey conducted by NordPass revealed that the most commonly used password in India is still “123456,” followed by “password” and “12345678.” Shockingly, “password” was used over 3.4 million times, indicating that despite awareness campaigns, some users continue to choose easily guessable passwords.

Interestingly, the fourth most popular password in India was “bigbasket,” used over 75,000 times. While still not ideal, it takes around five minutes to crack, making it comparatively stronger than the top three choices. This suggests that some users are opting for passwords with a bit more complexity, but there is still room for improvement in choosing secure options.

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The study also revealed that the eighth most popular password in India is “anmol123,” used over 10,000 times. This password stood out as the strongest among the top 10, taking 17 minutes to crack. While this is a step in the right direction, it is crucial for users to understand that stronger passwords are essential to protect their accounts from potential breaches.

The survey conducted by NordPass analyzed a massive 3TB database from 30 different countries. The data revealed that “password” remains the most commonly used password worldwide, with over 4.9 million instances. Following closely are “123456” and “123456789.” These trends highlight the widespread tendency to use easily guessable passwords, posing significant security risks.


It is evident from the survey conducted by NordPass that weak passwords continue to be a significant cybersecurity concern, both in India and globally. The prevalence of easily guessable passwords puts users at a high risk of cyberattacks and unauthorized access to their accounts. It is crucial for individuals to prioritize stronger password security and choose complex and unique passwords for their online accounts. By taking these steps, users can significantly enhance their online security and protect their sensitive information from potential breaches.

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