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After viewing the damage these two stray dogs did to a Houston, Texas, car dealership, you’ll be happy if the worst thing your dog has done is eat your homework.

Two canines were caught on camera attacking and ripping cars apart in the G Motors lot.

One dog, now named Dasher, can be seen completely detaching the front bumper of a Toyota Corolla off the vehicle, while an unnamed black dog can be seen doing additional damage to vehicles in the lot.


“We are not getting customers, so they damaged the business,” the sales manager of the car dealership told ABC13 after a pair of stray dogs did another round of damage on-site.

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It’s estimated that the two dogs created nearly $350,000 worth of damage between November and December, and dealership management claims that the dogs were scaring off potential customers and other employees.

Both dogs have since been taken into the BARC shelter in Houston.

“We feel for these dogs, to be honest. But they are in good hands, so we don’t have to worry about them right now. They can be adopted, or whatever the city of Houston wants to do,” G Motors sales manager Gaby Fakhoury told local outlet KTRK. “We have never seen something like this – dogs attacking cars and causing damage, but things happen, and there’s always a solution for everything.”

G Motors said it will be starting 2024 with “no fear” of stray canines.


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