TRAI Secretary Announces Fix for DND App Issues on Android Phones by March 2024

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TRAI Secretary Announces Fix for DND App Issues on Android Phones by March 2024

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) offers a Do Not Disturb (DND) app that allows users to block spam calls and texts. However, the Android version of the app has been plagued with technical glitches, as evident from the majority of negative reviews on the Google Play Store. TRAI Secretary V Raghunandan recently addressed this issue at an event organized by Truecaller, stating that the telecom regulator is actively working on resolving the problems faced by users when using the DND app.

According to PTI, TRAI has enlisted the help of an agency to fix the existing issues, and significant progress has been made in addressing most of the bugs on Android devices. The telecom regulator aims to make the DND app compatible with all Android devices by March 2024. Last year, Apple removed TRAI’s DND app from its App Store due to a disagreement over permissions to call logs and messages. However, TRAI is now collaborating with Apple to ensure compatibility with iOS devices once again.

Raghunandan highlighted the positive impact of the DND app since its launch in 2016. The app has successfully reduced the number of spam calls and SMS in India. Truecaller CEO Alan Mamedi stated that the app currently boasts approximately 270 million users in India, who report an average of 5 million spam calls every day.

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Android users can currently download TRAI’s DND app from the Google Play Store. Upon installation, users are required to log in by entering their phone number and the corresponding OTP. Once logged in, their number will automatically be added to the Do Not Disturb list. While this feature helps prevent most unwanted spam calls and texts, users can still utilize the app to report and file complaints to their respective telecom operators.

TRAI’s efforts to fix the technical issues with the DND app on Android devices are commendable. By addressing the bugs and enhancing compatibility, TRAI aims to provide a seamless user experience and further reduce the nuisance caused by spam calls and texts. The collaboration with Apple to make the app compatible with iOS devices also demonstrates TRAI’s commitment to combating spam across all platforms.

As March 2024 approaches, Android users can look forward to a more reliable and efficient DND app. With the continued support and feedback from its vast user base, TRAI can further refine the app and ensure that it remains a valuable tool in the fight against spam.

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