Try These trick to Hide Instagram Story 2024

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Try These trick to Hide Instagram Story 2024

Instagram provides a feature to many users that allows the user to easily run Instagram. One such feature allows us to hide the status of one or more people, especially from friends. Let’s see how to hide a story on Instagram.

One more thing we will see in this is how you can show your status only to selected people.

How to Hide Instagram Story 2024

  • Click on your profile symbol in the lower right corner of the Instagram app after opening it.
  • To access your settings, click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  • After choosing “Settings,” choose “Privacy.”
  • Select “Story.”
  • To choose who you wish to stop from seeing the story, select “Hide story From.” You can choose particular individuals, teams, or even your complete list of followers.
  • Click “Done” to save your selections and make any changes that are required.

You can maintain privacy control and manage who can view your Instagram story using this tool.

You need to be able to find “Story Settings” or anything similar among the choices. To view the list of persons who can see your story, tap on it. Choose the option that lets you keep your story hidden from specific individuals or from the public. Once you’ve decided, save the modifications. You have now blocked the chosen audience from seeing your Instagram story.

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