There is now a WhatsApp Chat Lock feature available: Here’s how to activate

Everyone now has access to WhatsApp’s new Chat Lock feature, which is available through the user’s profile page. With the new version, anyone can lock particular WhatsApp chats so that nobody else can access them. When you need to give over the device to a stranger for business and you don’t want them to read your private chats, this feature will come in helpful.

whatsapp chat lock
There is now a WhatsApp Chat Lock feature available: Here's how to activate 3

Your privacy is protected by the new WhatsApp Chat Lock feature, which also automatically masks the chat’s contents in notifications. Simply stating that you have a new message from a chat notifies you of any new messages from locked chats on the platform. However, because it is in the Locked folder and hidden when you launch the app, you cannot view the new message. As a result, your privacy is safeguarded.

There is now a WhatsApp Chat Lock functionality available: As an example, let’s enable Step

  • Go to the person whose chat you wish to lock by opening WhatsApp and selecting it.
  • Go to the chat’s profile section.
  • Scroll down, select the Chat Lock option, and then turn it on.
  • Use the registered fingerprint on your phone to lock the chat. You are now ready to go.

Note: The Locked Chats area, which is located at the top of the main WhatsApp page, will display all of your locked chats.

The WhatsApp Chat Lock feature is a bit fast and has a glitch.
Although WhatsApp’s new Chat Lock function makes users’ lives easier, it is also somewhat difficult because it wasn’t done well. It functions fairly slowly. The app takes a few seconds to open the locked folder when you try to unlock the conversations using the fingerprint sensor. The unlocking process on WhatsApp is really slow, which becomes frustrating after a while.

There is a gap as well. Your very private talks will be visible to anyone who opens your WhatsApp if you leave the Chat Lock folder open and neglect to close the window. So, if one doesn’t want others to read their private text messages, one must close the folder before closing the WhatsApp application. Additionally, the platform does not add the lock to the older folders automatically even if the app is closed, thus a user must make sure to close the Locked folder before using any other app on the phone.

This is an issue or bug that WhatsApp can close with a software update. How can you temporarily solve this problem? Instead of using the conversation lock function of the platform, you may simply start using the fingerprint lock feature for the WhatsApp app.

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