First Private Train from Kerala to Start Operations Next Month 4 june 2024

The first ever privately First Private Train from Kerala to Start Operations Next Month is set to start from Thiruvananthapuram on June 4. Princy World Travels and SRMPR Global Railways Private Limited are joining forces to provide a world-class experience to commuters. The train offers packages to Goa, Mumbai, and Ayodhya, with different costs based on accommodation choices. The train can comfortably carry 750 travelers and provides facilities like catering, Wi-Fi, and GPS tracking. The train can be boarded from various stations in Kerala.

Here’s a piece of good news for the people of Kerala! The first ever privately run train service in the state of Kerala is all set to start from the famous city of Thiruvananthapuram on June 4, which is only a month away. As a Bharat Gaurav Yatra initiative, a proud project by the Indian Railways, the first private train service in Kerala is designed with the rising interest of private tourists in mind. For this unique initiative, Princy World Travels is joining forces with SRMPR Global Railways Private Limited in order to provide a world-class and wholesome experience to commuters through a private service idea.

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“Under this private partnership in collaboration with Indian Railways, the SRMPR has hired a train from the railways to run tourist services from Kerala. The train, staff, and other facilities will be provided by the SRMPR, while services like ticketing and marketing are being done by Princy Travels,” Devika Menon, Director of Princy Travels, was quoted saying in a report by the Financial Express.

First Private Train from Kerala: Package Details

If any commuter is looking to take a trip to Goa, Mumbai, or Ayodhya, here are a variety of packages that can be availed of to suit their needs. The cost of these packages can differ based on the choice of accommodation chosen by the commuter. For a trip to Goa or Mumbai, the price of the package could be anywhere between Rs 13,999 and Rs 18,825. For the religious city of Ayodhya, the cost comes on a comparative higher side, keeping in mind the distance and oscillates between Rs 30,550 and Rs 37,150.

However, this package to Ayodhya also gives the commuter the opportunity to explore the sacred temples and pilgrimage spots across Ayodhya, Varanasi, and Prayagraj, which could be a major boost to the demand for the private service train. Moreover, for kids less than 10 years of age, the journey will be free, and those above 10 are eligible for a 50% discount on the ticket price.

Train Coach Composition and List of Facilities

The private train is capable of comfortably carrying 750 travelers, providing luxuries across 2 sleeper class bogies, 11 third-class AC coaches, and 2 posh second-class air-conditioned coaches. Moreover, the on-board crew of 60 will also have medical experts included to ensure that the journey of the private commuter is taken care of.

If we talk of facilities, catering, Wi-Fi, and a GPS tracking system will be part and parcel of the trip. Moreover, the private train service further extends to star hotel stays, mouth-watering meals, and exhilarating sightseeing tours, thus giving it a wholesome look.

“Plans are on to operate around 12 trains from Kerala. Once the initial three routes gain maximum traction, new routes will be introduced. This train is being introduced on a trial basis. The SRMPR group will import special trains from Germany to run them privately. Hopefully, the trains will arrive by this year’s end,” she said. “The trains have limited stops and only those who have booked the tickets can enter the train.

A total of 60 staff, including the paramedical team and pantry, are available onboard,” said Devika Menon. The train is equipped with CCTV cameras and Wi-Fi,” Devika Menon, Director of Princy World Travel Ltd was quoted as saying about the facilities in a report by the Indian Express.

First Private Train from Kerala: List of Boarding Stations

The private trains can be boarded from Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Ernakulam, Thrissur, Kozhikode, Kannur, and Kasaragod in Kerala.

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