Upcoming Changes to WhatsApp Status Updates: What You Need to Know

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WhatsApp, one of the most-used instant messaging platforms in India, frequently updates its features, making headlines with every new rollout. Recently, reports have surfaced indicating that WhatsApp is planning a redesign of the status updates tray. This blog post will explore the potential changes and their implications for users.

New Status Update Interface

According to a screenshot shared by WA Beta Info, the new design will allow users to see others’ WhatsApp status updates as large, vertical thumbnails. Currently, status updates appear as small thumbnails similar in size to a user’s profile picture, making it difficult to gauge the content without opening it. With the new feature, users will get a better preview of status updates, which will help them decide whether to interact with the content.

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Benefits of the New Feature

This redesign could be particularly useful for users who maintain a large number of work-related contacts. Often, these users are not interested in personal status updates and prefer to interact with professional content. The new status update interface will allow them to save time by focusing only on relevant updates. Additionally, the feature will improve the overall user experience by making it easier to navigate through multiple status updates.

Multi-Device Experience Enhancement

WhatsApp has also been working on other features related to status updates. Recently, beta testers were given the ability to share status updates directly from the status tab on their Mac. This feature allows users to post text or photo statuses without needing to switch to their mobile device. It ensures a consistent multi-device experience, making it more convenient for those who spend a lot of time on their computers. Importantly, users can share updates even if their mobile device is not powered on or connected to the internet.


The upcoming changes to the WhatsApp status updates tray could significantly enhance the user experience by providing better previews and more convenient ways to manage status updates across devices. These updates are especially beneficial for users with numerous work-related contacts, allowing them to save time and focus on relevant content. Stay tuned for more updates as these features roll out to a broader audience.

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