how do you call someone without showing your number

How to Disguise Your Phone Number When Calling

The caller ID feature is a common feature on smartphones, and it filters incoming calls to stop telemarketers from wasting their time. Making anonymous calls is now incredibly difficult due to the feature.

The good news is that a large number of contemporary cell phones accept vertical service codes. You can call individuals without giving them your phone number, for instance, by using the *67# code. You might not want to give consumers your personal number if you can’t get to your company phone.

Use the home screen to start the Phone app.

Enter the desired number after typing the block code. You must provide a ten-digit number that begins with the correct area code.

To place an anonymous call, click the green call button at the bottom of the screen. Make Use of a Free Permanent Private Number Google Voice is a better option for long-term calling. You receive free voicemail, call screening, do not disturb, and unlimited domestic calling among other benefits. To receive calls or texts, you’ll need a smartphone or computer with an Internet connection, as well as the Google Voice app (free for iOS and Android). You may also forward all of your calls and messages from Google Voice to an active phone number. When making outgoing calls using the Google Voice app, your Google Voice number will appear in place of your actual number. Use websites and apps for anonymous¬†calling

Websites like Globfone, which uses VoIP call service to call landlines and mobile phones, are another option.

Two well-known apps for anonymous calls are MICO and AntiChat. Typically, they operate similarly to live-streaming social media platforms.

Your anonymity is protected and your real phone number is kept hidden.

Causes for Making an Anonymous Call

There are a number of reasons, as was already indicated, why someone could desire to contact while remaining anonymous. These are some of the motives for calling someone anonymously, excluding malicious intent:

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to play a safe joke on your friends.
Call the person to confirm their identity without giving away your own.
While remaining anonymous, provide government officials with vital information.
After calling customer care for a service, avoid receiving sales calls from that company.
After a cordial exchange, you don’t want anyone to bother you, especially if you’re busy.

Use applications to place private calls

Numerous apps allow users to phone or communicate with anyone in an anonymous manner. An example would be an anonymous call. Although it worked great for us, other users are complaining that it is broken. You could merely look up such programs that enable blocking the caller’s identity. They are incredibly user-friendly. Installing them on your device will enable you to use the application to place calls.

Dial a Payphone Number

In the previous ten years, pay phones were widely used. But today, it’s difficult to locate them. However, you might use a pay phone if you can find one in the marketplace to place a call. The recipient will receive the payphone’s number so they can call it back. However, it keeps your identity a secret.

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