Instagram tips: How to download Instagram reels easily 2023

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Instagram tips: How to download Instagram reels easily 2023

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri said in a recent update that users can now download Instagram Reels directly to their camera roll from public profiles. This feature is available to users globally. First released in the US in June, this functionality is now available to iOS and Android users after a successful beta test phase.

Similar to TikTok, you can now download Reels from other people’s accounts on Instagram. The download link is located below the share button. The downloaded Reels will be saved in the gallery on your phone and will include a watermark with the original creator’s Instagram account to respect them fairly.

Unless the account owner modifies their settings, anyone can download and share Reels on Instagram as this update is applicable to all users. You may always switch on the download feature if you’re under 18 and have a public account. By default, it’s off.

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Instagram’s FAQ contains certain guidelines to ensure that Reels remain safe and private. It basically suggests checking your account privacy settings if you want to be able to manage who downloads your Reels.

Anyone can download Reels for public Instagram profiles. You can change these download settings for individual posts or for your whole account. You can always turn on the download feature at any time if you have a public account and are under the age of 18.

However, until you modify your privacy settings to make your account public, no one on Instagram will be able to download your Reels if your account is private.

Instagram is allowing users with public accounts to manage their download preferences. This implies that you have the authority to determine whether or not your followers can download your reels.

Here’s how to Download Instagram Reels

  • After recording and editing your Instagram reels, hit the bottom-right “Next” button.
  • In the bottom, tap More options.
  • Select Advanced Settings by swiping down.
  • Turn the switch to turn on or off the “Allow people to download your reels” setting.
  • Select want to enable or disable downloading for every reel or just the one that is being uploaded.
  • To return, swipe left at the top and then hit Share at the bottom.

Instagram also says that only recently made reels for public accounts can be downloaded unless the download settings are changed. An Instagram watermark, the original poster’s username, and audio credit will all be present in the downloaded reels. Furthermore, only digital versions of the original reel containing the particular audio are qualified to have their original audio included on them.

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