Windows 11 update: Check what’s new in the latest update

With its most recent upgrade to Windows 11, “Copilot,” an intriguing new tool that matches your interests in AI-related subjects, is now available. Copilot is a name that is frequently used in connection with AI and collaboration technologies rather than a feature that comes with Windows 11. You might be referring to a fresh AI-powered function or tool that this update has added to Windows 11.

What is Copilot? Windows 11

Using Copilot in Windows 11. It sounds like an interesting addition that fits in well with your passion for AI-related issues. Copilot appears to be a virtual assistant or helper created for the Windows 11 environment to simplify chores and increase user productivity.

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Overall, Copilot seems like a promising addition to Windows 11 that will increase user convenience and productivity by providing a helpful AI helper. This upgrade should be helpful to users who value AI-driven features in their computing environment.

You can use Copilot to search for things online, organise your workload, and even assist with computer-related chores. It is like having a personal digital assistant at your disposal. The best thing, though? It’s only just beginning, and things will only grow better over time.

Let’s discuss some of the awesome things you can do with this update right now:

1. AI-Powered Painting

Creating digital art on your computer just got more exciting with the New Update Paint app upgrade. It now comes with AI-powered features that can make your artistic journey smoother.

Background Removal: You can easily remove backgrounds from your photographs using this AI magic. This facilitates concentrating on your subject and producing spectacular compositions.

2. Smart Photo Tricks

Background blur: Improve your photography skills by giving it a professional touch. With the help of this tool, you can produce a beautiful depth of field that will make your subjects stand out and give your photographs a professional appearance.

3. Upgraded Snipping Tool

The Snipping Tool, your trusty screenshot companion, has received an exciting makeover in Windows 11. Here’s what’s new:

Text extraction is now simple, allowing you to use text from photographs in other applications. This function is quite helpful for quickly extracting facts from images.

Redaction: You can quickly remove or hide private information in your screenshots. When sharing screenshots, this helps ensure privacy and secrecy.

The new Snipping Tool captures audio in addition to images. It has audio and microphone support, so it can record sound. For those who need to integrate aural context with their screenshots, this is an excellent addition.

4. Notepad Made Smarter

The trusty Notepad in Windows 11 has received some handy updates to make your note-taking experience even better:

Notepad now automatically saves your work so you won’t lose it if you close it by mistake. This feature eases anxiety and removes concern over losing crucial notes.

When you reload Notepad, you can now retrieve any open tabs that contain important information. This means there will be no more stressing about misplaced notes or crucial information.

5. Fresh File Explorer

Navigating and managing your files in Windows 11 has become more user-friendly and convenient:

New Residence: The File Explorer has undergone improvements, including a redesigned residence that makes it simpler to retrieve and arrange your files.

Improved Address Bar and Search: To make it easier to find your files, we’ve made improvements to the address bar and search box. You’ll look for what you need in less time.

Managing your photo library is now more pleasurable thanks to the gallery feature. It offers larger thumbnails for your favorite and most recent files, making surfing more attractive and effective.

Support for RAR and Zip Files: Windows 11 now offers built-in support for opening RAR and ZIP files, negating the need for extra software. This makes working with compressed files more convenient.

6. Smooth Windows Backup

Transferring to a new PC is simple thanks to this update. There is no need to start from scratch because you can transfer all of your data, programs, and settings with ease. It’s like continuing on your old PC from where you left off.

The goal of this most recent Windows 11 update is to improve your computer experience by making it smarter and easier to use. These features will surely make the transition easier if you’re thinking about getting a new PC and help you resume working or playing without the usual inconveniences. Enjoy the convenience it provides to your digital life by giving it a try.

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