Signal Launches Usernames Feature for Your Phone Number Private

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Signal Launches Usernames Feature for Your Phone Number Private

Signal, an encrypted messaging network, is introducing usernames for chats so you can protect your phone number. The phone number will no longer be displayed to all users in Signal by default.

The business released a statement saying, “People who have your number saved in their phone’s contacts will still see your phone number since they already know it.”

Instead, you can now make a unique username (a phone number is still required to register for Signal).

“A username is not your permanent handle, it is not visible to the people you are communicating with in Signal, nor is it the profile name that appears in chats. According to the company, as a username is just a means of establishing communication on Signal without disclosing your phone number.
Additionally, a new optional privacy setting is now enabled for the users.

The business said, “Even if someone has your phone number, they won’t be able to start a conversation or even know that you have a Signal account unless they have your exact unique username.”

In the upcoming weeks, these options—which are still in beta—will be made available to everyone.

The business states that when these features become available, anyone using the most recent version of Signal and who does not already have your phone number saved in their phone’s contacts will no longer be able to see it in Signal.

It said, “We’re also introducing a setting that lets you control who can find you on Signal by your phone number.”

How many active users are in signal ?

Signal had 40 million active users.

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